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Disclaimer: This is the journal of adult gay males and as such may include images or discussions of a frank (adult) nature. Persons under the age of majority in their area should not proceed to read my journal. This disclaimer is placed here in cooperation with LiveJournal's policy.

Frank (Frank, on the right in our user pic, writes ALL the journal entries here, unless otherwise noted) Born June, 1955 in Boston, MA. Grew up in Salem, MA. Moved to CA in 1999.

John...(on the left in our user pic) Born Feb. 1962 in Burbank, CA. Grew up in the San Frenando Valley.

Hi there, boys and girls! We're the Sunbeam Bears! We're a couple of fun-loving bears, living in the quaint little hamlet of Agoura Hills, CA. We like all sorts of things, including Classic Movies, 50s/60s sitcoms, Mid-Century Modern Design, Animation, Cartoons, Disney Theme Parks, Classic Cars, Kitchen Appliances (that's where the name Sunbeam comes from) Cooking/Recipes, Ghost Hunting, UFOs, Cocktails, Bears and a bunch of other crap. As for music, we're into Lounge, Big Band, Standards, Classic Disco and an occasional Sountrack or two. We enjoy taking trips to Palm Springs, and anywhere else where clothing is an option. We travel back to Boston (Frank's home town. Actually, Salem, MA) often, as well as Walt Disney World, where we are members of The Disney Vacation Club.