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Twelve Inches Is almost always better/nit picking quality
79 Formula
My favorite Donna Summer 12 inch. This was not available at first in it's 12 inch mix. Only DJ's had it, and that was maddening.
It was first heard in bits in "Thank God It's Friday" produced by Casablanca Records and Filmworks. Then you heard the whole song when you bought the 2 disc soundtrack album. What no one knew, at least not I, that there was a DJ version for DJ's only. Imagine those of us on the dance floor hearing it start to play. It's a great song, and we loved it, others not already dancing, grab dance partners, drop cocktails, and run for the dance floor. Now imagine that the song keeps playing, and not ending after 2.5 minutes. Watch the You Tube countdown clock as this is playing. "It's still playing!!!!" Everyone kinda goes nuts, hearing the added instrumentals only hinted at in the album version.
This song is very good, but so much better in it's 12 inch mix. Those of you who know only the album cut, you are in for a treat. It's available on CD. Unfortunately, the stereo separation sucks on this post. The syntheziser notes do not wander channels from right to left speakers, and back, on this, as the vinyl version does. Which is too bad. As originally heard, the bass was completely separate from mid range, and tweeters. The synth notes played on mid range, and tweeters, and traveled to and from left and right channels. The effect in a club, and on headphones, and home systems was amazing. First you'd hear it next to you, and then it seemed to travel across the ceiling, and play out of the speakers at the freaking opposite end of the club!
From 1978, at 130BPM, on Casablanca. Donna Summer "With Your Love".

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Love this. Thanks for posting it!


i love donna summer,fantastique lady


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