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Remember Fern Bars? Bare Brick Walls, Hanging Ferns, and Spider Plants
Veal Zurichoise, yep, I cooked veal. It's the first time I tried this recipe, but a dish I've had many, many times.
My mom used to serve veal patties that came frozen, oval shaped, and run through a meat tenderizer. The brand was Vermont Maid, and mom would usually pile green peppers, tomato sauce, and cheese on top of the veal and bake them. We loved them.
Back in the mid to late 1970's I got my first job as a waiter, and later on bartender at the Lyceum Restaurant in Salem MA. The dining room was the trendy bare brick walls, and pots of ferns hanging from the ceiling. On the menu was Veal Zurichoise, and I loved it, and it was one of the pricier items. It's sautéed veal, with a sautéed shallot/ mushrooms wine cream sauce. The Lyceum used dry Vermouth, so that's what I used. OMG, served over Uncle Ben's 90 second microwave Rice Pilaf. I got a rush of taste memory on the first bite. John loved it.
The veal scallopini meat was on sale at Ralph's for around 5 bucks a package. I got 2, as each weighed a half pound, as the recipe I found asked for a full pound, we got leftovers.


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