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Halloween, and the new neighbors
John listed/sold the second house in our 'hood to new neighbors, we love them.
They rang our bell on Halloween dressed as sexy cops, actually he was a policeman, she his wife was not. His shirt was open to there..., as was hers. Big tits, fishnet with support hose, both with knee high boots., and badges. They banged on our front door, "Police, open up!"
They gifted us high end vodka nips,and they gifted the rest of the neighbors with the same before heading out to a party. God we love living here.

What A Dumpling/ Meeting A Movie Star's Son
The Dumpling across the street has been transformed, and a new party space has been added. In place of the original carport, a bar has been built. It has wireless music, mood lighting, refridge, and plenty of counter space for craft cocktails, new, and vintage tidbits etc. We brought Pickled Pineapple chunks.
The whole neighborhood was invited, as well as a new Palm Springs visitor/ possible full-time resident. Tyrone Power Jr., the son of movie star Tyrone Power.
He and I spent a good amount of time chatting, and talking about food, cooking, and his career in movies ( he was in Cocoon, etc.), and of course his dad, and the movies.
Never a dull moment on a Tuesday night in our neighborhood.

The 5 Day, 6 Party Weekend
Been partying since Friday. Parties on Friday Night with friends for my birthday, Saturday night down the street for everyone else's birthday, Sunday pool party nearby in the afternoon with the local bears, took off time to prep for our party the next day and missed the party Sunday night across the street, Monday at our place for retro charcoal grilled London Broil with Millenial made hand crafted cocktails, Tuesday across the street for smoked ribs, and watching Fireworks out on the corner of our street.
The neighborhood is now THE spot for leftover beef, ribs, potato salad... and empties. Gawd, the pile of empty bottles of the finest liquors, wine, and champagnes in all our recycle bins on this street.

Club Sandwich
Bread machine bread using Kruteze Country Bread Mix proves that my machine is not at fault for the bread disasters I've had. It has to be my ingredients, or measurements.
I used the timer delay overnight, so the bread was kneaded, and baked while we slept, and was ready when we got up. I won't say what time of day, let's pretend it was before noon.
I'm a lover of club sandwiches, and now I've got fresh baked bread, Oscar Mayer Olive Loaf, some frozen raw bacon, lettuce, and fresh tomato, and a new jar of Best Foods Mayo....dare me to make an Olive Loaf Club Sandwich.

We're Coming Clean, We're Media Whores
Our whole neighborhood consists of media whores.
I was in 2 movies, a mini series, a documentary, and a TV show.
John worked in television behind the scenes doing graphics for shows like Survivor, Amazing Race, and The Nanny. John also was prominent in the documentary I was in, as well as all our neighbors.
Our Next Doors had their house redone on a reality show, the Dumpling across the street is a special effects artist now working on the new Star Trek.
At the end of our street the Atomic lair owners are on TV commercials for their new cleaning business Mod Maids, and the head of the household used to be the lead singer in a heavy metal hair band. Their house has been used in photo shoots, and scheduled for a music video in a few weeks. His dad is famous in the northwest for owning a seed company, and doing lots of his own TV shows.
Around the corner is the pastry chef who started out on Rachel Ray's show doing the Teen Chef competition years ago. Bill Clinton was on that show, and our pint sized neighbor kept slapping him as she chatted with him to make a point. We've seen the video.
So, the Next Doors now own a restaurant, and the pastry chef around the corner is employed there. The Food Network show Diners, Drive ins, and Dives is in town, and filmed an episode at the restaurant. We were invited to be part of the back ground diners....well. The next thing we know, we are front and center, and having close ups of our food, us eating it, and then being interviewed on cam.
Media whores, the lot of us. And we all gathered at the Dumpling Across The Street later that evening for craft cocktails and BBQ.

Tipping For Good Service
I was a waiter, and bartender for years. Of course everyone is familiar with tipping the waiter, and bartender for good service. However there are others that appreciate a tip too.
We tried to remember, but forgot to leave a gift of chocolates/ gift card for our mailman this year in our mailbox. We also forgot our newspaper, and trash/recycle/green waste guys. Our excuse? Laziness. I'm so embarrassed because we have always been so good at gifting our services over the years.
Our 1964 Thunderbird might be ready for pick up today. I've had face to face conversations with the one mechanic working on our car, and he knows his stuff. I like him a lot, and I want him to know I really appreciate his work. I called the owner of the shop to ask what our mechanic might like for a gift certificate.
We got a gift card for a local place we love for lunch/take out, and close by the auto shop.
We can't wait for our 1964 Thunderbird to be back in our driveway. Once back, we'll be sending over our 1957 Chevrolet over to the same shop that the Thunderbird got some loving. And tip accordingly, because it's the right thing to do.

Remember Fern Bars? Bare Brick Walls, Hanging Ferns, and Spider Plants
Veal Zurichoise, yep, I cooked veal. It's the first time I tried this recipe, but a dish I've had many, many times.
My mom used to serve veal patties that came frozen, oval shaped, and run through a meat tenderizer. The brand was Vermont Maid, and mom would usually pile green peppers, tomato sauce, and cheese on top of the veal and bake them. We loved them.
Back in the mid to late 1970's I got my first job as a waiter, and later on bartender at the Lyceum Restaurant in Salem MA. The dining room was the trendy bare brick walls, and pots of ferns hanging from the ceiling. On the menu was Veal Zurichoise, and I loved it, and it was one of the pricier items. It's sautéed veal, with a sautéed shallot/ mushrooms wine cream sauce. The Lyceum used dry Vermouth, so that's what I used. OMG, served over Uncle Ben's 90 second microwave Rice Pilaf. I got a rush of taste memory on the first bite. John loved it.
The veal scallopini meat was on sale at Ralph's for around 5 bucks a package. I got 2, as each weighed a half pound, as the recipe I found asked for a full pound, we got leftovers.

Playing With Our Cars
After dinner I told John I was going to go play in the garage. Frustrated that after blowing a fuse in the 57 Chevy, replacing it, and the lights still not working, I grabbed my copy of the factory assembly manual. Looking at the page showing the junction box, I realized I might have gotten the wiring wrong, as I had pulled all the wiring plugs to get to the fuse. Yikes! Thank goodness there are only 7 color coded wires on our car.
Sure enough, I got under the dashboard and noticed one green wire hanging. But where does it plug in? I found it in the manual, and we have dash lights again, and the glove box light works again. Yay!
This week I'm going to schedule the car for some work, and get it running, it's been in the garage, and not in the driveway for far too long.

Working On Our Cars
I'm back to working on cars, sort of. The Thunderbird is in the shop getting much needed front end work, so that inspired me to work on our 57 Chevy. It's been sitting far too long in the garage.
Yesterday we got a new correct size battery for the Chevy at O'Reilly's here in Palm Springs. Last week we got a new correct size battery for the Thunderbird. The batteries in both cars died the same week, and would no longer take a charge from our battery charger. Now both cars have a fully charged brand new battery.
The Chevy needs some professional help, meaning that while I could do the work myself, I no longer want to. But, there are the little things that I still want to do, tinkering around. So the battery is in, and the glove compartment door won't stay closed. Fixed it. The glove compartment light bulb was missing, found the bulb, and installed it. It's blown out, so in the process of removing the light switch, I blew a fuse.
I look up the correct size fuse, and go to my tool box, and luckily find that I have a replacement. Now it gets fun.
The fuse box is behind the driver side kick panel. It's cardboard, and fragile. It won't come out. I ripped up the carpeting to make it easier, I can always glue down the carpet again later. I finally get the kick panel off to reveal the fuse box, and old memories came flooding back. I've replaced fuses in this car before, but forgot that the fuse box is not right there, it's way, way up there, in the most inaccessible place it could be. And nothing is labeled. At the very top I could see the blown fuse, but it won't come out. I finally get it out, and the new one won't go in. I get it in and VOILA, no lights.

Mid Century Modern Cooking Circa 1956
Hot dogs in the rotisserie.
We broiled our weenies in the Sears Kenmore Rotisserie, and toasted the buttered hot dog rolls on the top grill pan. Tasty, and served with salad, along with vastly overcooked asparagus that was on sale at Albertson's. My fault.
While the hot dogs were great, the salad was even better. I had made a French Russian Salad dressing from our copy of the 1956 Pillsbury family Cookbook. It's a sweet dressing, and tastes very much like a Catalina Dressing, but also like the orange colored French dressing from a bottle.
French Russian Dressing
1/4 C white vinegar
1/4 C sugar
1/3 C chili sauce
1 garlic clove crushed ( I used 2)
2 tbls grated onion ( I used 1 tbls dehydrated minced onion)
1/2 tsp Worcestershire sauce
1/2 tsp salt ( I used Kosher, and a bit less)
1 C salad oil (I used corn oil)
Combine all ingredients except salad oil, and let stand 10 minutes. Gradually add salad oil, blending well. ( I used my vintage Sunbeam Mixmaster juicer attachment with the optional oil dripper rod. It fits in the spout of the juicer bowl. One adds the oil to the upper juicer bowl, and the rod controls how much oil is dripped into the mixing bowl beneath that is being mixed by the beaters. This method is also used to make mayo.) Store in covered container in refrigerator.
It's best when let standing in fridge one day before using.
We are loving this recipe so much, that I'm making a second batch next week, and doubling it.