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We're Coming Clean, We're Media Whores
Our whole neighborhood consists of media whores.
I was in 2 movies, a mini series, a documentary, and a TV show.
John worked in television behind the scenes doing graphics for shows like Survivor, Amazing Race, and The Nanny. John also was prominent in the documentary I was in, as well as all our neighbors.
Our Next Doors had their house redone on a reality show, the Dumpling across the street is a special effects artist now working on the new Star Trek.
At the end of our street the Atomic lair owners are on TV commercials for their new cleaning business Mod Maids, and the head of the household used to be the lead singer in a heavy metal hair band. Their house has been used in photo shoots, and scheduled for a music video in a few weeks. His dad is famous in the northwest for owning a seed company, and doing lots of his own TV shows.
Around the corner is the pastry chef who started out on Rachel Ray's show doing the Teen Chef competition years ago. Bill Clinton was on that show, and our pint sized neighbor kept slapping him as she chatted with him to make a point. We've seen the video.
So, the Next Doors now own a restaurant, and the pastry chef around the corner is employed there. The Food Network show Diners, Drive ins, and Dives is in town, and filmed an episode at the restaurant. We were invited to be part of the back ground diners....well. The next thing we know, we are front and center, and having close ups of our food, us eating it, and then being interviewed on cam.
Media whores, the lot of us. And we all gathered at the Dumpling Across The Street later that evening for craft cocktails and BBQ.


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