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Tipping For Good Service
I was a waiter, and bartender for years. Of course everyone is familiar with tipping the waiter, and bartender for good service. However there are others that appreciate a tip too.
We tried to remember, but forgot to leave a gift of chocolates/ gift card for our mailman this year in our mailbox. We also forgot our newspaper, and trash/recycle/green waste guys. Our excuse? Laziness. I'm so embarrassed because we have always been so good at gifting our services over the years.
Our 1964 Thunderbird might be ready for pick up today. I've had face to face conversations with the one mechanic working on our car, and he knows his stuff. I like him a lot, and I want him to know I really appreciate his work. I called the owner of the shop to ask what our mechanic might like for a gift certificate.
We got a gift card for a local place we love for lunch/take out, and close by the auto shop.
We can't wait for our 1964 Thunderbird to be back in our driveway. Once back, we'll be sending over our 1957 Chevrolet over to the same shop that the Thunderbird got some loving. And tip accordingly, because it's the right thing to do.


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