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Working On Our Cars
I'm back to working on cars, sort of. The Thunderbird is in the shop getting much needed front end work, so that inspired me to work on our 57 Chevy. It's been sitting far too long in the garage.
Yesterday we got a new correct size battery for the Chevy at O'Reilly's here in Palm Springs. Last week we got a new correct size battery for the Thunderbird. The batteries in both cars died the same week, and would no longer take a charge from our battery charger. Now both cars have a fully charged brand new battery.
The Chevy needs some professional help, meaning that while I could do the work myself, I no longer want to. But, there are the little things that I still want to do, tinkering around. So the battery is in, and the glove compartment door won't stay closed. Fixed it. The glove compartment light bulb was missing, found the bulb, and installed it. It's blown out, so in the process of removing the light switch, I blew a fuse.
I look up the correct size fuse, and go to my tool box, and luckily find that I have a replacement. Now it gets fun.
The fuse box is behind the driver side kick panel. It's cardboard, and fragile. It won't come out. I ripped up the carpeting to make it easier, I can always glue down the carpet again later. I finally get the kick panel off to reveal the fuse box, and old memories came flooding back. I've replaced fuses in this car before, but forgot that the fuse box is not right there, it's way, way up there, in the most inaccessible place it could be. And nothing is labeled. At the very top I could see the blown fuse, but it won't come out. I finally get it out, and the new one won't go in. I get it in and VOILA, no lights.

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