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Vintage Rotisserie Roasted 5 Pound Boston Butt
The other half of the Boston Butt we got 50% off at Ralph's weeks ago got thawed out, and I deboned it. Then I trussed it up, and slathered it with all the leftover mustard from my fridge, French's Yellow, Country Style, and regular Dijon. I then skewered it onto the spit rod, and placed it in our vintage Sears Kenmore rotisserie. 2 hours on medium heat, and it was done. It's so easy, I just left it to roast, and as I had 2 hours to kill, I did some work on our Thunderbird.
It came out crisp on the outside, tender and very moist/ juicy on the inside. It sliced up very nicely. I'm gonna do this for company sometime.


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